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Logging in to the demo site

BookStack Demo Site

This demo site has the following credentials: Email: admin@example.comPassword: password You can access the login page with the above credentials pre-filled by clicking here. The demo database & image storage is automatically reset every half hour Most sta...

Mixed Content Example Page

BookStack Demo Site Content Examples

Esse. Modi adipisci. Cupidatat adipisicing so inventore so non and nostrud nemo. Fugit. Magnam pariatur so pariatur eius, but eius. Rem consequatur. In si. Eius. Unde deserunt ipsum quasi. Ipsam laborum. Nostrud ab or dicta for ad. Consequat voluptate, or nesc...


Video Embed Example

BookStack Demo Site Content Examples

You can embed anything that can be included via an iframe. This includes YouTube videos like that show below:


IT Department Server Systems

System Details Environment: AWS IP: Instance Size: T2-Micro Attached Disk Size: 10GB RAM: 0.5GB + 4GB Swap CPU: 1vcpu DO NOT RESTART THIS MACHINE!!! Barry didn't assign a proper IP so AWS will re-allocate upon restart. This is production...

Member Onboarding Guide

IT Department

This is still todo, Get them to Google their issues in the mean-time Nulla amet for quis or molestiae in so veritatis ullam. Occaecat nostrum nostrum, non commodo or consectetur. Modi occaecat. Esse cupidatat, so vel. Suscipit ipsum sed so tempora. Tempora se...

Server Outage Plan

IT Department

Primary Plan Hope that AWS comes back online. Did Gary ever pay for the support license? Secondary Plan Adipisci ipsa beatae. Veritatis ipsum, autem or qui sequi so ipsum. Vitae laboris illum incidunt. Labore autem nisi. Minim reprehenderit numquam. Cupida...