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Server Systems


System Details

DO NOT RESTART THIS MACHINE!!! Barry didn't assign a proper IP so AWS will re-allocate upon restart. This is production critical!

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Server Systems


System Details

Currently running out of swap space on this machine, need upgrade soon

Server Image


Server Systems


System Details

Needs a blast to get the dust out, Please address soon to prevent risk - March 2018

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Member Onboarding Guide

This is still todo, Get them to Google their issues in the mean-time

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IT Holiday Party Event


The office, "T-Rex" meeting room on second floor.


16th December, 7pm start

Event Details

This event was imposed by HR; Don't think anyone actually really wanted to socialise.
To make it easier Helen is bringing her swtich, and Jerry is brining some shots so we can do a drunk Mario party night instead.

Server Outage Plan

Primary Plan

Hope that AWS comes back online. Did Gary ever pay for the support license?

Secondary Plan

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