BookStack User Guide

Everything a general user needs to know about using BookStack on a regular basis.

Books, Chapters & Pages

The basic BookStack model of data is based around the ideas of storing information in standard books. This was decided upon as it's a simple model that everyone understands and its been tried and tested for many years. There are books, chapters & pages. A book is a 'top level' container of chapters & pages that does not have any information itself other than a short description. Next there are chapters which act as sub-groups of a book and also only have a name and description. Chapters are not neccassary but but they can be usefull to organise and group your content. In books and chapters you have pages which hold all your content.

Books, chapters and pages are colour coordinated throughout BookStack, along with thier own icons, to make is easily visible which one an entity on the page is. Here are the icons for each in thier matching colors:


Overall, The structure of BookStack is very basic but the way you use it is completely up to your use case and the information you are storing in it. It's a good idea to define what's becomes a book, chapter or page before extensively filling up your BookStack instance and ensure everyone using the system is aware of your approach. 

Examples Of Different Content

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Code Example

This is a success callout, There are a few different types of callouts that you can use to get a reader's attention.

    public function up()
        Schema::create('books', function (Blueprint $table) {
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Logging in to the demo site

This demo site has the following credentials:

Password: password

You can access the login page with the above credentials pre-filled by clicking here.

The demo database & image storage is automatically reset every half hour. Most standard actions are available using the provided admin login but some actions, listed below, have been restricted to keep the demo instance open & available. That said, all options & actions are at least visible to the demo admin user.

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